About Us

Oasis Bay Classic Cruise - Halong Bay


We proudly present one of the biggest wooden boats, the Oasis Bay Classic Cruise, launched in Nov 2015. The boat is fully equipped with the most advanced and upgraded technology. Entering the boat, tourists will be overwhelmed by its extreme impressive art design..

The main material of this cruise is precious and rare timber. That brings customers unique experiences different from other common iron boats. You are closer to nature and easier to explore its beauty. For interior design, characteristics of the Eastern culture will be featured by wooden floor, wall, handcrafted ceramic artworks, rattan, bamboo furniture and the highlighted color, dark brown.

Along with an amazing boat, our staff all are young, passionate and a very professional team. We are ready all the time to bring the best service to our customers.


Restaurant & Bar 

The restaurant & the bar are located in the terrace deck. Here, food & beverage are always available and served in a professional manner by our well-trained staff.  All significant aspects of the oriental cultural values are presented. The furniture is sophisticatedly designed and graved in details mostly by famous & skillful artists from Bat Trang Pottery village, embroidery village in Ha Dong village. This is a perfect space, the romantic and warm atmosphere for guests to enjoy their dinner. Apart from the appearance, we offer a wide range of Vietnamese & international cuisine. Vietnamese traditional food which is fresh and high quality will be served with Eastern style. The bar is both indoor and outdoor, serving not only tropical juices but also a variety of cocktails. The design follows cultural blend of the East and West, which is harmonious and makes its own identity.


Outdoor Jacuzzi

Outdoor Jacuzzi is our unique services which differentiate us from the others. Do not miss out one of the best experiences at Oasis Bay Classic Cruise


Food & Beverages 

Our chef and his team are devoted to offering you some of the most reputed cuisine of the region. The selection is wide and ingredients are always local and fresh. The menu is seafood-based thus still well balanced. Vegetarian and kids can be catered for. We strive to make each meal a colorful event for both eyes and taste.