Top 6 most beautiful islands and islets in Halong bay

Monday, November 19, 2018

Freedom Island 

On the outskirts of Lan Ha bay, lies a small island with a very big heart. This private island is the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy the white sandy beaches. Freedom Island is the only island with 2 beaches. On the front beach you can bask in the sun with our floating mattresses, whilst on the back beach, you can either play Volley Ball or Beach Soccer

Ti Top Island

Ti Top island is 14 km east from Bai Chay Wharf which is the central of Halong Bay. It is the most touristic place for all international and domestic tourists. Ti Top island is famous for breathtaking landscapes and panorama view. You can visit many beautiful islets such as Ga Choi islet, Dinh Huong islet or Cho Da islet.

Moreover, on the highest spot of Ti Top Island, it’s insanely spectacular with the panorama view of Halong Bay. Ti Top beach is incredible with the crescent shape and the pristine beauty. The water here is so clear blue that you can see the small rocks underneath. You can enjoy the beach while swimming or kayaking around with your friends. Another good thing of Ti Top island is the seafood here is really fresh and tasty, you can have the food cooked by the locals for the best traditional taste!


Soi Sim Island

Found in the south-west of Halong Bay, some 10 kilometres from Tuan Chau Port, Soi Sim Island is one of Halong Bay’s hidden gems and unique treasures. Its name is derived the rose myrtle (“sim” in Vietnamese) which was ubiquitous across the island.

Unlike Halong Bay’s other main islands, the landscape on Soi Sim Island has a wild beauty all of its own. The secluded beach is in pristine condition, sheltered from the elements by rolling hills and steep cliffs that greet the sea. Lush, green vegetation adds a mysterious vibe, as if Mother Nature is protecting her island children from intruders

Bo Hon Island

At the heart of Ha Long Bay is Bo Hon Island. This is where you can find many famous caves, each of which has their own legendary stories for you to discover. Your boat will go past many beautiful green limestone karsts before reaching this island. The vertical cliffs of the surrounding landscape will surely astonish you. And most importantly, Bu Xam Islet located on the south side of Bo Hon is a wild place for those who are seeking an idyllic place to chill and listen to the choruses of songbirds and the chatter of monkeys.

Ngoc Vung Island

For a more authentic local experience, you should check out Ngoc Vung Island. Some romantic people said that Ngoc Vung is a princess sleeping in Ha Long Bay. Legend has that in the past, there were a lot of pearls under the sea. At night, it glowed and lit up the whole island. That’s why people here called it Ngoc Vung (shiny pearl).
This area has not yet been touched by tourism so you can explore something natural and undisturbed. What makes this island special is that it even has a fresh-water lake, and the locals who live here can even grow a paddy field of rice! The big waves also bring big jellyfish to the seashore. People then will catch them to make tasty dishes, which you should try, for example, jellyfish salad. This island is also one of the few islands where you are allowed to spend the night. A trip to Ngoc Vung is going to be one of the most unforgettable memories you make.

Tuan Chau Island 

 This is the only island in Halong Bay that locals are living there. The beauty of Tuan Chau Island is proved by thousands of tourists come here every year. Your eyes are going to be blinded by the luxury of everything on this island.

With a lot of international standard hotels, private guest houses, luxury resorts you don’t have to worry about the quality of service here. If you are hungry, you can choose between dozens of food courts or ancient royal architecture restaurants on the streets.

Tuan Chau Beach is an artificial beach and away from Halong port about 8km so it’s pretty near downtown. If you want some entertaining activities, Tuan Chau Beach has tons of wonderful activities for you: swimming, Jet Ski, kayaking, canoe parachute or fishing. Tuan Chau beach is not a large beach but you can consider this one to be of the beach that has the best service!

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